How Do You Take Care of Real Hardwood Floors in Laguna Niguel, CA; Professional Wood Flooring Cleaning & More

For people who have never been exposed to hardwood floors providing the regular care, maintenance, and preventative applications, it can be a bit overwhelming to take it all in to make certain the overall condition, longevity, and aesthetics are preserved. Because there are aspects you should know, we at Steam Masters would like to share…

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What are the Side Effects of Summer on Carpet in Dana Point, CA? Cleaning to Remove Stains, Allergens & More

With the extended sunlight hours, warm weather, and humidity, the summer has many effects. During the summer, the carpets take a lot of abuse. Some of the most impactful risk aspects the summer months bring to carpets is what we at Steam Masters would like to share today. Can Sunlight Damage Carpet? The sunlight is…

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