Health Benefits of Carpet Cleaning in Brea, CA; Removes Dust, Dirt, Carpet Beetles, Mold, Dog Urine Stains & More

Many home owners will invest in having their carpets professionally cleaned regularly. Most do it to help maintain a clean appearance and to extend the life of their carpets. However there is much more to having your carpets cleaned than just that. Keeping your carpet cleaned professionally also has many health benefits. Steam Masters will…

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Pre Carpet Cleaning Instructions; Do I Need to Vacuum Before Professional Carpet Cleaners Arrive in San Clemente, CA?

One of the best ways to significantly improve the look of your home and lengthen the life of your carpet is to have your carpets professionally cleaned at least twice a year. Steam Masters is your number one source for professionally cleaned carpets at competitive prices. Not only does a professional carpet cleaning improve the…

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How Long Do Germs & Viruses Live on Fabric Upholstery? How to Disinfect & Clean a Fabric Couch in Mission Viejo, CA

Have ever wondered if your couches or sofas are swarming with bacteria and viruses? I’m sure those who are germ conscious may have asked this question and indeed, this is a good question to ask. Most homes aren’t exposed to a lot of people so the chances of your personal furniture being infested with bacteria…

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