Tips to Neutralize Odors in Carpet in Tustin, CA & Keep Carpets Smelling Fresh; Deodorizer, Cleaning & More

Carpets are very absorbent and have a tendency to retain odors derived from food and liquid spills as well as pet accidents, smoking and other such origins. If you are successful in removing the stains, the odors can possibly linger, causing foul smells that musk up the home. With a few household agents, you can…

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Need for Professional Steam Carpet Cleaning in Laguna Beach, CA; Vacuuming Only Cleans Carpet Surface & More

To maintain the carpet’s appearance and fluff the fibers to improve its lifespan, homeowners are frequently advised to vacuum regularly. However, even with frequent vacuuming, it is not enough, and professional deep cleaning is still recommended at least once a year. With this in mind, we at Steam Masters would like share why vacuuming is…

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Importance of Air Duct Cleaning in Fullerton, CA; Reduce Health Problems of Dirty Ducts, Excessive Dust & More

When was the last time you had your home’s air ducts cleaned? Air ducts are one of those home maintenance needs that is often left forgotten. However, having air ducts cleaned can benefit the home, the household, and the health of the HVAC system. Steam Masters would like to share the many benefits of air…

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