How to Neutralize Odors in Carpets in Big Bear Lake, CA & Dog Urine, Mildew, Cigarette Smoke & Other Smells

Odors are common offenders on carpet. Underlying issues can produce odors and before these odors can be effectively removed, they need to be identified. Within your home, when the odors become overpowering, visitors can be easily distracted and even uncomfortable. The smells can be overwhelming when homeowners have returned home after being away for more…

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Health Hazards of Pet Urine on Carpet in Barstow, CA; Mold & Bacteria Growth, Ammonia Smell, Rotting Subfloor & More

Millions of people throughout the world have one or more pet in their home that they cherish as a beloved member of their family. Many people include their pets in their family pictures and holiday cards. Emotional support dogs are becoming an increasingly popular way to combat depression and anxiety. Dogs are exercise companions for…

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