Stains on Carpet Keep Coming Back in Claremont, CA; Carpet Cleaner Soiling & Wicking Problems & More

The carpet in your home doesn’t only provide you with the comfort under foot you are looking for, it also creates a beautiful space. However, when your carpets have unsightly stains all over them, or traffic patterns throughout the home, it can take away from this beauty you are after. Sometimes stains that have been…

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Does Steam Cleaning Carpet, Rugs & Fabric Upholstery Sanitize These Surfaces & Kill Coronavirus in Las Flores, CA?

Via coughing, sneezing, physical contact, and talking, the coronavirus is easily spread as most know through the media attention that stresses the infectiousness of the new strain of coronavirus. When it comes to hard surfaces, most homeowners are doing their part to disinfect, however, the carpets and upholstery are often not thought about. Today, the…

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