Tips for Cleaning, Caring for & Extending the Life of Your Sofas, Couches & Upholstery in Santa Ana CA

Like carpet, we want our upholstered furniture to be well maintained and their life span extended. They can enhance any room either for the good or for the bad. Having beautifully cared for upholstery is always the way to go, and preserving that upholstery can save you money down the line. Orange County Steam Masters…

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How to Remove Fresh & Old Chewing Gum & Hard, Sticky Candy From Carpets, Rugs & Upholstery in Anaheim CA

Halloween is upon us. Our little ones get to experience the best sugar rush of the year. The excitement of costumes, parties and scary haunted houses can make accidents happen; even among the adults. So what do you when you notice an offending gum clump adhering to your beautiful carpet, or that hard candy smashed…

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